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For Children

At Passages Counseling, we offer a variety of effective treatment options for your child and family. During the initial intake session, we will assess your family's needs and determine together what might work best moving forward.

Play Therapy

Play is a child’s primary language of communication. Children often express through play what is difficult to express in words. Through Play Therapy, children learn to both express how they feel while also discovering new strategies for managing their emotions. The Play Therapist supports the child to constructively work through a variety of issues using tools such as sand tray, dolls/puppets, cars/trucks, art-making and structured games. These tools empower the child to gain mastery over their emotions, rather than become overwhelmed as a result of their experiences.


Typical course of treatment is approximately 12-15 weeks, depending on each child’s needs. Each Play Therapy session consists of 45 min with the child and 15-20 min parent coaching time at the end of the session. Tangible activities are given each week for both the parent and child to practice what that they’ve learned in therapy at home.


Play Therapy is an excellent treatment modality for issues related to:


  • grief/loss, self esteem, ADD/ADHD, anxiety/depression, PTSD, social issues, anger, early attachment/adoption, divorce/split families, sibling rivalry and sensory processing issues.

Adoption-Specific Therapy

Prior to her work in private practice, Brie was the Lead Adoption Therapist and a Clinical Supervisor with Mental Health Partners where she worked closely with adoptive, kin and foster families in the Boulder/Longmont area. She has trained extensively in early trauma/attachment and body-based therapies, with a specific focus on adoption. She understands the complex issues many adoptive families face and has helped many families find greater connection, hope and healing.


Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each family and often include a combination of individual + family therapy incorporating Play Therapy, EMDR and attachment therapies



Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful, evidenced based tool for processing trauma and promoting resiliency in children and adults. During EMDR, the client is directed to bring up a disturbing event or memory and then use bilateral stimulation through the use of hand taps, hand buzzers or eye movements to process the experience. Over time, the disturbing memory becomes less painful and more fully integrated.


EMDR is a wonderful adjunct therapy to Play Therapy. Children in particular respond strongly to this multifaceted therapy approach.


To learn more about EMDR, click Here

Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Therapy ©

S.M.A.R.T, developed by Bessel Van Der Kolk of  The Trauma Center in Boston, MA is a unique blend of Sensory Integration and psychotherapy for children. SMART incorporates key Sensory Integration tools such as the balance board, physioball, crash pillows and stretchy band with more traditional Play Therapy methods. During SMART, children process difficult emotions while regulating and resourcing themselves through various sensory tools.


To learn more about S.M.A.R.T., click Here.

Tween Programs

tween counselingTween Time is a 6-week empowerment program for girls ages 10-12 years which gathers each Fall and Spring semesters to explore critical themes related to the emotional and social health of young women. 


Each week focuses on a different theme such as friendship/bullying, communication, trust and self-empowerment. Through art, dance/movement, council circles and structured games, girls are given the opportunity to creatively explore these themes in a space that is nurturing, safe and supportive. 


“I love Tween Time and wish we had this group EVERY day!” - tween, age 10.



Journeying Through the Thresholds: Beginning the Passage to Young Womanhood
A Weekend Passage for 5th Grade Girls 
April 25th-27th, 

Friday 5:30-8pm

Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 10-5pm (family ceremony at end of final day)

Investment: $250, Early Bird $200 by March 25th

Boulder, Colorado



The passage into young womanhood is a potent, beautiful and sometimes challenging time in girls’ lives. By intentionally honoring, guiding, and celebrating this shift, we can support our girls to emerge into this next phase of life with confidence, resilience, compassion, and a strong sense of their own unique gifts. Throughout this weekend journey, girls will have the opportunity to reflect on this passage, express their creativity, share their unique perspectives, discover more about their strengths and challenges, and intentionally cross over a threshold into this early phase of young womanhood. The weekend will offer a variety of experiences—including group time, solo time on the land, creative expression, movement, and heart-centered conversation.


This passage experience includes:

  • Group of 10-12 girls maximum
  •  A special 2 hour parent meeting before the 3-day passage 
  • Exploration of themes: transition, friendship, empowerment, body changes (puberty, menstruation), identity, gifts and challenges
  • Community building & social and emotional skill building
  • Solitude and time on the land, including a short solo journey
  • Council, heart-centered dialogue, simple ceremony & creative expression through a variety of modalities.


To apply for this program please contact:  Brie Anderson-Feldman, 720-289-2835,

Guides: Brie Anderson-Feldman, MA, LPC and Laura Weaver, MA. 


Brie Anderson-Feldman, MA, LPC, BC-DMT is child and family therapist, with over 10 years experience supporting young people find empowerment, hope and healing. She is passionate about partnering with communities, both locally and internationally to create programming which addresses the critical themes related to the social and emotional health of young women. 


Laura Weaver, MA is a mother, writer, rites of passage guide, and co-director of the PassageWorks Institute ( She is the co-author of the bookThe 5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching and her poetry, book chapters, and essays have been published widely.  She has taught courses and workshops for parents and educators for the last ten years and has a particular passion for supporting young people through the transition years.






As a clinical consultant to Brie, I have been privy to some of the successful outcomes of her authentic care, “spot-on” clinical skills, and guts. If my child were faced with a challenging issue, I would send her to Brie.  Read More

For Parents

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